Golden talks about several players

Read on to see what Al Golden was saying at practice today about several of his players and the camps they're having.

On putting on pads:
We're ready to go. We wanna see which guys are ready to take the next step for us.

On more injury risk:
I hope not. I think we're safe. We don't practice any different with full pads. We don't take guys to the ground. During goal line and short yardage theres no other way to do it but otherwise we keep them up. We don't want guys taking dive shots and side shots, and we talk about that.

On scoring more non-offensive touchdowns:
We have to get back to being an explosive unit both on special teams and defense. We had a couple last year on special teams but we have to take the next step for sure.

On areas to improve:
We try to improve in every area. Our punt coverage needs to improve. We have to settle in with guys and put them under duress a little bit and see how they respond.

On Ereck Flowers:
I think he's really matured. He's talented, has a good work ethic. We're trying to take him to the next level where he becomes unified with the offensive line, takes the next step in terms of his technique and footwork. Obviously, he's a great young man and talented.

On Olsen Pierre:
He's very athletic. He's loose in his hips. Curtis coming through with his approach with his conditioning has helped dramatically. We're going with Curtis, Olsen, Luther, and Shayon, try that group today as Chick tries to become healthy.

On Malcolm Lewis:
He's been doing good. He's had 4 good days just like anyone else but we're going to hold him out. He's fully integrated but it's my decision to rest him today and get him back tomorrow.

On Ryan Williams:
Ryan is going to be running most of the day with the ones, to pull back on Stephen's arm. Gray Crow and Kevin will compete with the twos. Ryan is smart, and is much better than what he did last year. He's staying in the pocket and throwing with velocity. He is letting guys do their things, make plays for him. I'm anxious to see him take the ones today.

On the cornerback competition:
They've all gotten better. Crawford is having a good camp, Gunter, Tracy Howard. Burns is trying to make a push. Athletically he can do it. Nate Dortch came back strong. It's too early but it's the best situation we've had since we've been here. I'd like to see Corn Elder get healthy.

On Ray Lewis:
Ray Ray is doing a good job. He hasn't really played to the extent to what we're asking him to play. He''s smart, prepares well, and he's coachable.

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