McDermott names toughest DL and more

Read on to see what junior offensive lineman Shane McDermott is saying after the first six days of fall camp.

Q and A with Shane McDermott

How have you seen the momentum of this team translate from the spring?
Since Stephen was out last spring and since that he was in this spring that really helped keep the whole offense tight knit together. We really worked hard in the summer like everyday we were out here running plays and doing 7 on 7 on our own. I think that really helped translate us into a more successful fall camp and have helped us reduce our mental errors. All together we seem to be a better group so far.

There has been mentioned that the team was pretty young last year. Do you think that there was a lack of leaders on your offense?
No I think we have a bunch of great leaders on our offense. I think we have a bunch of great leaders on our defense as well. Defense was the younger group. We're not really thinking of the past right we're just thinking of the future. You know we have FAU coming up and that's the only thing on our mind in this fall camp. Along with Stephen Morris we have a lot of leaders on our line.

This offense looks like it could be really prolific. How great can this offense be?
With this offense, you know we know that we can be a great offense. We all work towards becoming a great offense. We're just focusing day by day.

You guys have spent a lot of time together? You've played together, communicated together, been to the wars, been to the trenches together, how much does that help things?
It helps a lot of things. We've been through tough times and we've been through great times and so we know how to handle each other when it's a tough time. We know how to handle each when were having a good time and keep each other in a tight knit group. Last year when we were all trying to still gel together that we learned a lot of things about each other and I think us having that game experience is what's going to separate us from last year to this year.

On Seantrel Henderson
He's trying to make that change into being a focused person and being a better teammate and player.

Do you see him reaching his potential this season?
Yes I do see him trying to become the best he can on his last year.

Who on the defense line has been hardest to block?
Curtis Porter he's 330 pounds now he's added more lean mass and lost a lot of mass so he's definitely a force to reckon with.

What are some of the younger players that have impressed you?
Taylor Gadbois he's starting to understand what we're trying to get out of him. Alex Gall since he's only been here a month. Sonny Odogwu just came back from an injury and he's doing a good job of coming back so quick, he's a big dude and very strong,

I know you went to school with Pat O'Donnell. What's that like?
It's awesome; he's such a great punter. He works so hard. I remember during our recruiting process we both wanted to come to the University of Miami. He definitely takes pride in what he does and he takes pride in being a punter. He's one of the best out there so I was very excited when he was able to come here and transfer over here. He's so happy and very excited to be back home.

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