Armbrister talks about becoming starter

Read on to see what junior linebacker Thurston Armbrister is saying after becoming one of the starting linebackers.

How'd you earn that black jersey and how good does it feel?
"Hard work pays off. Coach is going to play the best.

Are you excited to be wearing the black jersey?
I'm not excited to be wearing the black shirt. I had it before. It's a new season I'm going to keep working.

How does Alex Figueroa push you do you push him?
It's great you know, it's good competition. It's a great thing he came. He pushes me and I push him.

How do you see the defense so far at camp?
I'm really impressed. Since I've been here this is the best we've been and we're going to keep getting better.

You look bigger. Did you put on weight?
Yeah I put on 15 pounds, mostly muscle.

How have you felt that transition into practice?
I see it. I'm stronger. I'm able to get off blocks and tackle better.

How's practice been early on? Are you impressed with the progress the team has made and the momentum that's carried over from the Spring?
Like Coach said we have to take it from the last spring practice. I've been there to watch film and people are definitely carrying over from the Spring.

You played some top offensive teams last year. Do you guys think you can have that much of a turn around in one off season?
Yeah I think so. We're more mature. People have grown up, meshed together, we're more unified.

What are some of those mature changes you've seen?
People have stepped up and become leaders.

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