Golden: Competition is fierce

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying after the first six days of fall camp.

On the new safety precautions by the NCAA:
I'm all about safety. We really try coaching fundamentals hard and make the whole team aware of safety. I think the principal and target is good but I worry that we will inject a kid when there are so many variables. You can distinguish the ones that are flagrant and then someone ducks at the last minute. I'd be in favor of taking a deep breath, throw the flag, send the video to the league office on Sunday and make a decision whether to suspend him.

On what can be done:
If enough guys weren't being coached the right way, at least we're aware now and everyone is coaching better. I hope everyone in the home office knows we're coaching the right way. We had an official from the ACC come talk to us two nights ago. It's a difficult process and we have to keep educating them.

On the competition between Armbrister and Figueroa:
That's a really good competition. Tyriq McCord is there too. Thurston has been in black the last two days, is 232, 233 now. He was 207 a year ago. He could always run, a former safety. He's a 4.6 guy, long, and now has the body to go with it. We're excited about Thurston right now.

On whether Fig has fallen behind:
It's more so that guys at that position said I have to get to work. They closed the gap and now it's Alex's job to close the gap. Tyriq is playing the best he's been since he's been here. We will have to see how that shakes out.

On the gunner position on special teams:
We'll have a lot of guys there at that spot. We'll try Artie Burns there, Corn Elder, all the corners can play that spot. We'll try a number of guys but all those jobs are up for grabs.

On 2-a-days:
We'll go an hour 45 this morning. This is where all contact will occur. The afternoon is pocket passing, 2 minute drill, and anything that requires just helmet. The kids like it more than the one practice because we're blowing the horn and they're saying that's it? Then they have a 4 hour window to eat, get in the ice tubs, sleep for two hours, and then come back.

On Danny Isidora:
Danny will have to get surgery. As soon as they do surgery and the doctor tells me the results, we'll release it. I'm disappointed for him. He's worked hard, changed his body. I don't think the season's lost. I'm no doctor but if that's a three month injury we'll get him back in October.

On injuries to Chickillo and Gadbois:
Chick is fine. Taylor's fine.

On Olsen Pierre at D-End:
We're gonna keep rotating those guys. OP is athletic enough to do that. He will play end. We're more mature now so we can do that. Seantrel and Linder and Bunche and Feliciano can play multiple positions. We wanna be big, have size, so if Olsen can do that, Porter goes in and Luther's in. They give us good size and good strength.

On O-Line guys being versatile:
You know I'm focused on the now but they wanna build a resume. If you're Brandon Linder and you can play center, both guards, and right tackle then you're more valuable than someone else. Allen Hurns has played all four special teams. He's more valuable than someone who is just a catch specialist.

On Pat O'Donnell:
I think he'll help us by changing the fields. He's very poised, experienced, been through a lot. I tell him to bring that into our locker room. Teach some of the young guys. He's so steady in his commitment to his craft. In my mind, it's like Tiger Woods banging balls. I see his craft every day, like every day on the driving range for him.

On Jalen Grimble:
He's competing with Corey King and Earl Moore and those other guys. I'm happy we have competition. Anyone can step up. Larry Hope had a really good day. Same with Jalen, we need to turn that into consistency. I wanna see those guys compete. Jalen played his freshman year, probably shouldn't have. That's been tough. Their bodies are just catching up and hopefully we see progress.

On Dwayne Hoilett:
He's competing with Quan Muhammad, McCord can play rush for us, Shayon is there, Cain can play there. He's competing for us. I'm glad we have Shayon and Cain with experience. He's got a long way to go to be the type of player he wants to be. His body is changing. He has to keep getting bigger.

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