Q&A with Art Kehoe

Art Kehoe is always full of good quotes, and that was no different today. Read on to see what he's saying about his offensive line after the first six days of fall camp.

On Seantrel cutting his hair:
It was a big transition. I never realized how handsome he is. He's been chiseling away pretty hard. It's one day at a time, trying to get everyone ready.

On what's changed with Henderson:
I think it's the Goldenization. You're in or you're not. We have a train on our chest going uphill. Get in the train, and if your foot is out, we'll axe it off. He's part of it. Linder, Bunche, Shane, they're all trying to help him.

On his technique improving:
He's always been a good technician but it's about putting it all together. I'm 56 and I'm still learning every day.

On versatility of his guys:
It's really important. You're gonna get injuries and you're gonna play games that will be decided in the 4th quarter and if you lose anyone, you need someone to function well and can communicate with other guys. It's not about how the individual plays, it's how they play as a group. We're always challenging guys in meetings.

On how far the team has come:
You are what you are. Coach Golden from day he took over here has been relentlessness to win. That's a prescription from January to January. We're following hard. It started like a clay statue and we've been banging away. I like our team, where they come from, and we're all here. That's what we're trying to do.

On the depth this year:
In all the years I've coached at Miami, we'll be at 8 or 9 guys who can play and win (this year). Most guys you have 5 maybe. I think we're close to being 2 deep.

On Jonathan Feliciano:
He's a tough dude. He's smart, can play anywhere, and a ferocious old school, put your face in the fan whacker. He's fun to coach.

On building of depth:
It's been happening. It's every position group, we've been grinding on and they're getting to the point where they can play multiple positions, they understand the system. It all goes back to the train. Get on board.

On the young linemen:
I'm so upset that Danny got hurt because he was making good progress. Gadbois is doing well. He has a lot of skills. Alex Gall, it's his 5th practice and now I'm starting to yell at him. He's going to be a good player. He's a tough, smart guy. He's been at both guards, a little tackle too.

On Shane McDermott's experience:
He understands it like a coach does. Occasionally, rarely but I'll let him correct me in the meetings. He knows what's going on and knows everything that's happening.

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