Tight End Loved Visit to Miami

Brian Mattes is a kid I've been reading a lot of positive stuff on lately, so I called his coach and got Brian's number.

He was officially measured recently at 6-foot-6 and 250 pounds. And he has the frame to add 20-25 pounds in his first 12 months in a college program. On top of that, he doesn't turn 18 until December. We're talking about a kid who could be 6-7 and 275 after a redshirt year in a big time college program. Mattes says he was a 4.7 kid last July, timed by his high school coaches. But considering he's 10 pounds bigger since then and it was a high school time, Mattes is probably a legitimate 4.9 kid, which is still hauling ass for a big guy.

Mattes plays both ways, but says he's being recruited as a tight end by most schools, including Miami. As a junior last season, the Plymouth (Pa) Wyoming Valley West standout had 30 receptions for 413 yards and five touchdowns. Defensively, he had 74 tackles and 10 sacks.

Your current core GPA: I dont know about my core, but I have a 4.1 overall.

Your current test score: 1220

Which schools called in May: Everyone it seemed. Florida, Miami, Notre Dame, Penn State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Stanford, and a whole lot more.

Which schools have sent you scholarship offers in the mail: I have 16 of them. Some of the main ones are Penn State, Notre Dame, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Northwestern, Temple, Rutgers, and Georgia Tech.

What's Miami talking about: Well, I went to Miami on an unofficial visit earlier this month. I met with Coach Coker and we talked a lot about taking a visit there and he sounded sure that they will be sending a scholarship offer in the mail real soon. I was shown around by my recruiting coach named Art Kehoe. He's a great guy. They also showed me film of Bubba Franks because he was a big tight end about my size that played very well into their offensive system. They told me I can do the same thing. I liked it a lot and they're definitely one of my top schools.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's it looking like: I basically have it narrowed down to seven - Notre Dame, Penn State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Miami, and Northwestern. I've been to all those places and I liked them all. In September, I will narrow my list down to five and those will be the five schools I visit in the fall.

Do you have a timetable for your decision: Not really. I'd like to take all my visits, but I might just feel really comfortable at one of those places and then make a commitment to get it over with, especially since I've already seen them all unofficially.

Mattes is a great kid to talk to. With that size, he's actually bigger than Bubba was at that age. Notre Dame likes Mattes as a defensive end, and Virginia Tech likes him as a defensive tackle. The other five finalists are recruiting him as a tight end. Mattes is clearly one of the top tight end prospects on Miami's board at this point. He sounded extremely positive in the things he had to say about UM, so I think we're in good shape for a visit. If we do get an official visit, I really likes our chances even more. It's going to be tough getting Mattes or Justus since they live so far away and pressure to stay home will be very high, but with our success and the use of our tight ends, I like our chances to land one of the two.

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