Miami's Recruiting Another Ohio Lineman

When reviewing a list of top prospects in the Midwest region, I scanned it over thinking of which ones might be UM type kids. So I picked out a few and have them on my list to call. While some aren't UM prospects, some are, including Ohio's Quinn Pitcock.

Pitcock was measured at a combine earlier this summer at 6-foot-4 and 285 pounds. He says he hasn't been timed in the 40 any time recently, so that's a real tough judge at this point. But with the schools recruiting him, he's clearly quick enough.

Pitcock says most of the Big 10 schools are recruiting him as a defensive lineman, while the southern schools like him more as an offensive lineman.

Your current core GPA: 3.5

Your current test score: I got a 20 on the ACT.

Which schools called in May: Pretty much every school in the Big 10 called. Pitt, Duke, Notre Dame, Alabama, Miami, Florida, and a couple others.

Which schools have offered you a scholarship in writing: I have eight right now - Penn State, Wisconsin, Pitt, Duke, Notre Dame, Akron, Northwestern, and Ohio State.

What's Miami talking about: They came by here in the spring and talked with my coach, and they talked to me on the phone.

What are you thinking in terms of visits: I am pretty much wide open, but I definitely want to take my five visits before making a decision.

Will you take any visits to schools outside your region: If I feel they're one of the five I want to look at, yeah I will.

The reason I asked Pitcock about his visits is because a lot of Big 10 kids with offers from all the major programs in that region usually don't go outside the region. Personally, I think he's a Big 10 kid all the way, but it doesn't hurt to get involved as Miami is doing. This leads me to believe that the UM coaches really like Pitcock as a player to try to get involved in his recruitment. Although I've never watched him play or on tape, he's a big kid that runs well, he's fully qualified, he has offers from most of the Big 10, and he's being recruited by Miami. Those factors lead me to believe he's one of the best line prospects in the entire country. It appears Miami is a longshot because he didn't have much to say about the Canes, but he's a kid I will continue to watch and talk to as the season progresses.

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