Q&A with Kevin Olsen

Read on to see what freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen is saying after the first week of fall camp.

On his WR group:
I can be a little off and those guys can still go up and get it. I'm confident these guys will be able to make plays.

On his progress:
I think I'm doing pretty good. It's tough because it's a whole new offense. There is a lot more stuff to be aware of before the ball is snapped – what the coverage is, where the protection is, things like that. I feel like I can do even better than I'm doing right now.

On the speed of the college game:
It's amazing how fast some of these guys are. Guys who I thought were fast in high school are slow compare to some of these guys. I'm getting better and better at understanding the signals, the play calls, and the offense.

On the speed at WR:
It's one of those deals where you think something is open, but if your footwork is off, it's tough. There is a lot of speed on both sides.

On being at UM now:
It's awesome. Just to think back 10 years ago, I was around here throwing the ball around and looking up to my brother and all those guys and to think wow, I'm now back here at Miami.

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