Q&A with Denzel Perryman

Read on to see what junior linebacker Denzel Perryman is saying after the first week of fall camp.

On losing guys like Eddie Johnson and Gionni Paul:
Pretty much the next man in mentality. Guys are behind them, and they're stepping up and doing what they have to do.

On Quan Muhammad:
He's in his playbook every day. Shayon is mentoring him. I see them sitting together at lunch, going over plays. Everyone who came in can help us.

On having a bigger D-Line:
It helps us a lot, and frees us up a lot and allows us to make plays.

On how he's improved:
Mentally, I feel more focused. Part of it is staying healthy, and I've been doing that.

On Jimmy Gaines at MLB:
Jimmy's an all around smart linebacker. Little things like stance and starting but he's really a smart linebacker who can help us.

On his weight gain:
I put on 10 pounds and I still run the same. I came here at 205 and now I'm at 240. I feel like a wrecking ball.

On UM's running backs:
Duke is his own breed, honestly. He's a great athlete, fast,, and powerful, and other defenses just have to be ready. I say to myself that's amazing (when watching him on film). Dallas, Eduardo, and all those guys are quick, fast, and powerful.

On the defense as a whole:
I feel like our whole defense is locked in, focused.

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