Golden previews tomorrow's scrimmage

Read on to see what Al Golden was saying after Saturday's practice, and as the team prepares for its first fall scrimmage tomorrow.

On tomorrow's scrimmage:
I think the first thing is teach them to compete and enjoy and let it rip. Number two, it must feel different. It can't be just another day. You have to stick to your technique, what we're teaching them, and they have to make plays.

On how it will be different:
We will put them in uniforms and do everything we do on gamedays. Everything will feel different. A lot of jobs are on the line. This time next week, we'll have some positions settled a bit more.

On Olsen Pierre:
He's versatile now, is in great shape, and has the ability to play all down the spots. He's had a good spring, impressive with what he's doing with his technique.

On Dyron Dye:
I don't have any updates. He's still on the injured list, so he doesn't count against the 105. He's rehabbing.

On Eduardo Clements:
It was a struggle. With any injury of that magnitude, there are ups and downs on the way back. Overall, he's been very positive. With what he did yesterday, he's back.

On Jelani Hamilton at DE or DT:
He's doing both. With our system, we're in and out of different looks. Being 285 now changes the dynamic. He was 265 last year, maybe.

On Sunny Odogwu:
He's doing good, getting a lot of reps and he's learning. The other linemen are helping him. He's long, flexible, and can run. He just has to get the dynamics, the calls down. The biggest thing is he gives you an attitude of gratitude every day. There's nothing we can do to him that would compare to what he witnessed growing up. He's happy to be here. He's grateful, and keeps you grounded for sure.

On the defense:
It's not even the same group. The biggest challenge for our defense and our staff is to let last year go. Maturity, size, experience, strength, communication, they give us more flexibility to sure.

On choosing which freshmen will play:
It wont be done until next Friday. We'll need all of Saturday and Sunday to iron it out. We're seeing who's going back to the dorm and studying compared to going on facebook or twitter or playing Xbox. Guys are studying and they're beating out guys who are calling their girlfriends. Six days left to establish if you'll be coming out of the smoke the first game is a big deal.

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