Pieces of Puzzle Starting to Fit for Bearcats

It didn't take long for Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville to see some offensive football during the Bearcats first scrimmage of the preseason at Camp Higher Ground in West Harrison, Indiana on Sunday. How did the head coach feel overall about the day?

Expected starting quarterback Brendon Kay hit hot handed target Chris Moore over the middle and watched as the sophomore from Tampa (Fla.) race the final yards needed to score on the first play from scrimmage.

Kay was excited about the quick strike but fully understands one play does not make an offense.

"I think as an offense we had a lot of explosive plays and started it out really hot," said Kay. "Overall we have to become more consistent and make easy plays and continue to have longer drives and be able to complete them."

Moore, who has been impressive early in camp, is showing the ability to catch the ball and gain yards after the catch.

Running the team's No. 1 offense allowed Kay to again show his high skill level, however, Tuberville was not ready to name Kay the top quarterback just yet.

"We've got two seniors competing and both will play," he said. "We'll pick a starter maybe by the middle of this week, but we may wait until we get through with our scrimmage next Saturday."

With only a few weeks of camp remaining until the Bearcats open the season, Tuberville and offensive coordinator Eddie Gran made sure to get many into the act on this hot summer day as Munchie Legaux and Bennie Coney each threw multiple touchdown passes.

While no official stats were released from the scrimmage, Tuberville spoke highly about a couple of his running backs.

"It was good to see the running backs running around out there today," said Tuberville. "We had Hosey Williams, really the first time he's practice with us because of a hamstring.

"Rodriguez Moore looked good. But you put the quarterbacks and running backs together; those guys have to play well for us on offense. We'll make the plays at receiver and our offensive line is going to be fine. But we've got to do what's right with the quarterbacks and running backs for this team to win on offense."

On defense Tuberville saw what many in attendance during the scrimmage saw.

"I thought we did pretty good," said the head coach about his defense. "I thought our linebackers played with confidence. It's amazing how far (Greg) Blair's come in terms of spring practice. Heck, he was about 270 in the bowl game last year. Now he's down to about 245 maybe closer to 240 after that practice.

"But at the end of practice he's communicating and getting guys lined up. That's what it takes, you've got to really talk and communicate, but you've got to be in great shape to be a linebacker. I was pleased with him.

"Our defensive ends are in pretty good shape. Our secondary, we got burned a couple of times but we're trying different combinations. We're going to have some off days on defense at times, but it's not going to be from a lack of communication and effort as these guys really like to play."

The ball coach knows there is work to be done before the season begins and feels confident many of the issued from the day would be worked out before the team takes the field on Monday.

"Ever since we've been here their work ethic has been good," said Tuberville. "You can't get better going half speed you have to go full speed and I felt today was a good test. We made a lot of mistakes on both sides of the ball. Alignment, communication and adjustments, but that's the reasons you scrimmage and that is the reason you have film. Today we'll spend about two-hours with every player watching this film and trying to make ourselves better."

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