Top Notch Florida Athlete Says No Interest from U

First off, I want to clear up some things that I've been trying to say all spring since I saw him at NIKE and again in May.

Unlike all Top 100 lists that say he's 6-1, Richard Washington is 5-foot-11. And unlike everyone says, Washington is a cornerback first.

I've been trying to tell everyone that all spring. As a wide receiver, he's good. Maybe a Top 100 kid in Florida. But as a cornerback, he's very good and a Top 50 kid.

At the NIKE Camp at UM in April, Washington was 5-foot-11 and 160 pounds and ran a 4.44. However, that was at the end of track season, so he's gained 10 pounds back (note: a lot of weights at NIKE for track stars were down a bit because of the timing).

Your current core GPA: 2.8

Your current test score: I dont have them back yet (editor's note: Washington has passed both sections of the HSCT already).

Which schools called in May: I had a ton of schools call me on the phone.

OK, what about written scholarship offers: Florida State, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Purdue, LSU, and Florida were some of the main ones.

What about Miami: For some reason, they don't seem to like me. I have never heard from them, they didn't even call me.

What position will you play in college: Some of them are recruiting me as a wide receiver (Purdue, Clemson, Ohio State), but most of them want me as a defensive back.

Washington will most likely play cornerback at either Florida State or Florida. But cross this one off your list, as he clearly indicates that Miami is not interested, which is an indication of how well we are recruiting at the cornerback position this year.

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