Morris recaps first scrimmage

Read on to see what senior quarterback Stephen Morris is saying just a couple days after the team's first fall scrimmage.

On the scrimmage:
The offense did pretty well. It's a lot of sense of urgency right now. We have to get things done and move forward.

On his performance:
I thought I did well, but there are always things you can work on. I wanted to get us in right plays, checking us out of bad ones.

On the defense:
They've been playing real physical, something we needed. Other than that, a lot of guys are coming back and they're able to be coached a lot better.

On his improvements:
I think the biggest thing is getting to the line of scrimmage fast, get my reads down, and things like that.

On what he expects from opposing defenses:
I think every defense will try doing different things to us. We just have to know our roles, how to have a good game for us. I know defenses will do a lot of things and we just have to prepare for it.

On Duke Johnson:
I don't know what else to say. You guys know what type of athlete he is. He can be an everydown back. He did what he needed to do in the weightroom.

On he and Duke together:
I just think we're both hungry. The only difference right now is I play quarterback and he plays running back. He's a tremendous person to be around.

On the pressure they feel:
When you play quarterback, you should feel pressure in the game. Duke is the same guy every day. He's always level headed, always laughing. I doubt he'll feel any extra pressure.

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