Golden talks scrimmage, newcomers

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying just a couple days after the team's first fall scrimmage.

On the scrimmage:
It was good. We got about 45 plays for the ones and about 35-38 for the twos so it was a good start. We'll do a little more than that Friday night. We didn't practice yesterday, studied the film.

On the offense winning:
It was close. It's been a battle all week. The offense will have an edge. When you put the ball on the 3, the 10, the 20, we're trying to teach the defense how to conduct business. It should be different Friday night.

On David Gilbert's role:
He'll determine that. There's an opportunity for him. He brings maturity. He's a veteran. He's on a mission. He wants to play in the NFL. He can rush the passer. We're excited to have him. The last 4 or 5 days, he's been getting ready to go.

On how the transfer happened:
He got a release and he was either gonna come here or one of the Florida schools. He wanted to be closer to home. We got involved and made sure his foot was OK. He missed it, wanted to compete.

On whether he's ready:
I haven't watched him in terms of the conditioning. Our strength staff says he's done a really nice job. He's been working out every day. Whether he's in the condition we need him, which he's probably not,, but he's sin good shape. We'll take it slow in the beginning but we're 17 days out. Today will be a good measuring stick. We wont overdo it but we gotta get him ready.

On the other newcomers:
Renfow is out here today, Kamalu. Mustafaa ccan't play but he's out here and starting to learn the techniques and the defense.

On who stood out in the scrimmage:
Did anyone stand out? Number one, Goudis was 3 for 3, all over 45 yards. He struck it really well. Jermaine Grace did some good things. He made us take notice. We put him on all the special teams last night. Artie Burns stepped up. It was nice seeing Eduardo out there. He wants to snap his finger and be where he was last August. I thought Chick and OP played like they need to play. Fig showed up. Quan Muhammad showed up. So many guys played.. It was nice seeing the helmet wasn't too big for some of the young guys.

On the D-Line depth:
You look at the depth, we have some symmetry now. They can compete for jobs. There is depth. We feel a lot better about our D-Line situation now than we did a few weeks ago. We have to build depth in our program so guys aren't playing until they're ready to play.

On when the defense will start winning:
Wednesday and Thursday, the defense put it to them. The offense answered on Sunday. There are good things on both sides but we're nowhere near where we need to be.

On Stephen Morris in the scrimmage:
I think that's a big thing people will say from the scrimmage. A few times,, he didn't have the balance he wanted to have. The timing wasn't always there. When bolts are flying live for the first time, those things happen. Hopefully he'll be better Friday.

On Deon Bush's return:
Deon will be out here today, maybe in a yellow but in terms of doing all the drills, he should be here.

On whether Ufomba Kamalu will play DE or DT:
He can do both. He's 280, maybe a little more. We just want to get him situated where he can learn the defense and help the team.

On guys really making a jump up the depth chart:
I wish we had that type of depth. I can't really say that. The competition is unfolding. We finally have some. Look at linebacker. Guys are competing. Cain has made a difference, Fig, Grace is making a difference. It will finally play out. On paper it's nice.

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