Interview: John Wood

The first time I watched Wood in person was last October in a game against Miami Lakes. This Hialeah (Fla) American standout was playing on the same line as a kid who I thought was among the most underrated players in the entire state last year, Damian Haye (Minnesota).

While Haye was dominating the line of scrimmage, I noticed one of his teammates was extremely quick and active as well. However, it was his junior year and this defensive end was only 6-foot-1, so I actually forgot about that performance when I began thinking of some of the state's top prospects for this coming spring.

It turns out, Wood has grown to be 6-foot-3 1/2 and weighs 222. In fact, those were his exact measurements at the Auburn camp about three weeks ago. Then I began thinking if you put a 6-4 and 225 frame on the kid I was watching last fall combined with his quickness and intensity, you have yourself a really nice looking defensive end. That's John Wood.

Unfortunately, he was out of town for personal reasons at the time of his spring jamboree, so I was unable to watch him play against Darnell Jenkins and Central. But film doesn't lie, nor do my eyes. This kid can play football. And at age 16, here's a kid that will probably be 6-5 and 255 pounds in three years.

What type of quickness am I talking about? Wood turned in a 4.65 at the Auburn camp, which is smoking. Now again, imagine in three years at 6-5 and 255 running that fast. Wow.

Your current core GPA: 2.2

Your current test score: I am waiting for it to come back. (editor's note: Wood has already passed both sections of the HSCT)

Who called in May: A bunch of them. Florida State, Miami, Florida, Auburn, Clemson, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, LSU, Iowa, Iowa State, Boston College, Michigan State, N.C. State, and some others.

Which schools have offered you in writing: I have seven - LSU, Auburn, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Boston College, N.C. State, and Michigan State.

What's Miami talking about: Coach Kehoe called me and we just talked. He said they like me and will be recruiting me this year. They send me letters all the time talking about a visit and how much they like me.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's your situation: Well, it depends on who else offers me. I like UM a lot. Michigan State, N.C. State, LSU, and Florida State would probably be the rest of my top five.

Wood is a kid that has offers from pretty much everyone outside UM and FSU. With a strong senior season and a close score on the test and I think Wood will fit in nicely. He's exactly the type of kid UM looks for at this position - raw with tremendous speed and quickness. In my opinion, he's the second best defensive end prospect in the state behind Baraka Atkins.

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