Brother Wants to Join the UM Family

Senorice Moss is one of south Florida's premier wide receivers, but those saying he's one the elite few in the entire state are pushing it in my opinion.

Everyone likes to draw comparisons to his older brother, but I'm not as sold. At this age, Santana was 5-foot-10. Senorice was measured at NIKE and Auburn's camp at 5-foot-8. He checked in at Auburn at 168 pounds, and turned in a 4.44 on turf. He ran a 4.48 on grass at NIKE. In addition, he did a 37-inch vertical at Auburn.

So while he's two inches shorter than Santana, Senorice just doesn't possess the same type of speed. Five years ago, the older Moss would have run a 4.28 at Auburn. He clocked at a 4.36 in front of NFL scouts, making him one of the fastest players in the entire country. Young Moss just doesn't have that type of speed.

But now that comparisons are out of the way, the younger Moss has a lot of talent. He averaged close to 20 yards a catch as a junior and does a lot of things well that has garnered lots of recruiting attention.

Your current core GPA: 2.8

Your current test score: I dont have one yet. (editor's note: Moss has already passed both sections of the HSCT)

Describe your style of play compared to your brother's: He does his thing, I'll do mine. His works, and so does mine.

Have you been talking a lot with him: Yes, we stay in touch. In fact, we just spoke yesterday.

Which schools called in May: Georgia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Rutgers, LSU, and UM.

Which schools have offered you scholarships: LSU, North Carolina State, Rutgers, and Auburn.

What's Miami talking about: Coach CJ said he likes me and they'll be recruiting me.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's your situation: I grew up a Gator fan, but they're not recruiting me right now. They didn't even stop by in May. So I'd say my top five is UM, Florida, N.C. State, LSU, and Auburn.

Moss is a very good kid to talk to, much like his older brother. He's very confident and is really enjoying the recruiting process. Interestingly, when I called him, Moss was playing college football on PlayStation. He was Miami, the opponent was Florida.

I think this is a scenario where if Miami offers him, he will make a commitment to the Hurricanes. However, I personally think he's further down the list at WR than most think. I have him pegged as the No. 8 wide receiver prospect in the state right now, and No. 3 in Dade County behind Aromashodu and Jenkins. If he were two inches taller and a step faster, I think he could probably play at UM. Maybe he does that between now and February, but we'll have to wait and see.

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