Q&A with Olsen Pierre

Read on to see what junior defensive lineman Olsen Pierre is saying a couple days before the team's second fall scrimmage.

On fall camp:
I feel like we're working hard – offense, defense, and special teams. We're getting better every day, taking one day at a time.

On DE or DT:
I take half and half. Wherever the coach wants me to go.

On his preference:
It doesn't matter because I played end in high school. I still have the ability to play both.

On coaches confidence in him:
They're confident in my abilities. Coaches work with me every day on my fundamentals. Chick too. Everything they teach me I can work on.

On the new additions:
I feel like it'll help out depth a lot. If a guard is in the whole game and you keep banging on him, he'll give up in the end. We needed them. Coach wanted them, so I am excited to have them.

On David Gilbert:
He's a big end and I think he'll help us in the run and the passing game.

On Quan Muhammad:
Quan, everyone talked about him, and he's perfect for what we need. He's a go getter defensive end. I talk to Quan because he's from where I'm from.

On the D-Line in general from 2012:
I feel like we're much better. That's a big thing we worked on, the pass rush, getting quick guys like Quan and Gilbert. That will help us more, and make guys inside better too.

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