Q&A with Shane McDermott

Read on to see what junior offensive lineman Shane McDermott is saying a couple days before the team's second fall scrimmage.

On the added D-Line depth:
We can definitely tell. We have a lot of competition. Whoever wins the team period gets a break. With Chick gaining weight, Porter gaining weight, they definitely made a difference. You can feel it. There is more competition on the field.

On the new D-Line additions:
I'm really excited about them. As a team, we're glad they're here. All the depth will prove more breaks for Porter and those guys. They're really good players.

On the overall health:
We're very healthy right now and that shows how hard we worked in the offseason and how Vinny Scavo, our head trainer, works. We gotta keep working hard to stay healthy.

On having a lot of depth on the O-Line:
It helps extremely. We're a close knit group, all 15 or 14 of us. That helps a lot when we're in a game that's back and forth and someone needs a break. When someone else gets thrown in, it doesn't seem to make a difference. There could be an injury, you never know. We're able to sub in and sub out. We're really excited about that.

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