Q&A with Al Golden (8/14)

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying a couple days before the team's second fall scrimmage.

On practice:
I thought we had a good practice yesterday morning, and we needed up going last night and I thought we had a good approach. They learned a lot. We taught a lot. Now we have to see who can respond.

On the D-Line additions:
I am excited about all the guys. All of the young guys are trying to make their way in, whether it's Kamalu and those guys, they bring maturity we desperately need. We are not out of the woods yet on the D-Line. We're a long way from where we wanna be from acquisition and development.

On the added weight:
We have enough speed. I would never encourage someone to gain weight and lose speed. I know it hasn't affected Denzel, Chick, Fig, TC, or Thurston. I don't see any negative impact with Jelani. Curtis never passed the conditioning test and now he's 325 and passing it.. I think we're OK, where we should be. We should have 230, 240 pound linebackers, and 285,, 305 pound defensive linemen.

On Tyriq McCord:
He's in between. In our system, you can go from sam to grow into rush. The thing with Tyriq is he provides versatility. He's doing good with his weight. He's learning, playing faster. We have a sam, a rush, and hopefully a two special teams guy.

On Eduardo Clements:
I wish I said more after the scrimmage to congratulate him. It's pretty amazing. He went 9-10 months without anything. I grabbed him yesterday and told him how proud we are. He has to continue to work. It's a good start for him.

On depth at RB:
I say this constantly, I don't feel good about anything right now. We're not in a situation where we can go on autopilot and let depth take over. I am glad Dallas came along, now we need Danny and Gus to come along. We need more depth at that position.

On overall depth:
We have guys going down to 3rd team that are fighting to get 2nd team reps, and 2nd teamers fighting to get ones. We've never had that. Do we have it at every position? No.

On where he wants to improve:
We're always thinking about improving the team. Tackling on defense, for sure. That would be the first thing. Blocking, everyone, especially tight ends and receivers. I'd like to see our completion percentage go up. Stephen was better yesterday. We have to get that going. It's early but we still have to improve in so many areas.

On the tight ends:
I like that competition right now. There are three rotating – Beau, Asante, and Clive. Beau has changed his body and conditioning. The next group is Stan and Jake. Stan is a little ahead, and played really well in the scrimmage.

On Matt Goudis:
Very confident. He was 3 for 3 in the scrimmage. He missed a couple last night but made some big kicks. His 3 were 45, 45, and 47. All were dead center and long. He's doing a good job with kickoffs, and should be interesting to see who wins that.

On fall camp's schedule:
The last scrimmage is Friday but we break camp on the 21st.

On how they prepare Goudis:
We try putting him in stressful situations. We make sure he's embracing the situation. He's more explosive, and is stronger. We have two of the best conditioned kickers and punters in the country. One looks like Drago and the other is in great condition.

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