Interview: Maurice Stovall

Stovall told me he's 6-foot-5 and 205 pounds, but without having gone to any camps and me not seeing him on film yet, I really don't know whether he's 6-5 and closer to 6-3. Either way, he's a big kid that says he has been timed at 4.3 over 40 yards. Again, without having seem him or knowing camp times, he might be closer to a 4.6 kid. But I wanted to talk to him since he's being talked about a lot and has listed Miami as one of his favorites.

Your current core GPA: 3.0

Your current test score: I took it in September and got an 820. I took it again in June and haven't gotten my scores back yet.

Which schools have offered you a scholarship: Basically all of my favorites except the University of Miami, Florida State, and UCLA.

Who are your favorite schools right now: Georgia Tech, Virginia, Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Miami.

What's the situation with Miami: I like them a lot, but they haven't offered me a scholarship.

Did Miami call you in May: No, they didn't call. But they write me letters sometimes.

Do you plan on attending any camps this summer: I'm not sure yet. I will be taking visits to Georgia Tech and North Carolina, so I might go to their camps.

This is a kid that I have been wanting to talk to for quite a while. He's on a lot of Top 100 lists and that size/speed combo, which of course could be way off, caught my attention. If a kid truly is 6-5 and 205 and runs really well and really likes Miami, I think we would have at least called him. But from the results of this interview, I think you can take him off your list of possible UM prospects.

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