Q&A with Allen Hurns

Read on to see what senior wide receiver Allen Hurns is saying the day before the team's second fall scrimmage.

On how to improve completion percentage:
We have to be precise on our routes, make the easy plays, look the ball in, and things like that.

On the receivers' thoughts on that:
Everyone takes it personal. You don't wanna be the guy the reason the play didn't go right.

On the depth at WR:
We have a lot of guys doing a lot of good things. Receivers are catching balls and blocking down the field.

On the young receivers:
Them guys are stepping up a lot. I don't consider Herb young the way he stepped up last year. Jontavious and D'Mauri are stepping up a lot. I'm proud of them.

On Herb Waters:
He's comfortable now. As a freshman, he was still figuring things out. Now he's a veteran.

On the offensive weapons:
We have a lot of people doing different things. We have receivers, tight ends, running backs, a quarterback who can get us the ball, and a good O-Line.

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