Sandland: I'm bigger, adjusted, and ready

Read on to see what junior tight end Beau Sandland is saying the day before the team's second fall scrimmage.

On adjusting:
Fall camp is a lot different than spring. I went through the transition period in the spring so I was more ready for fall camp.

On the difference from here vs Juco:
It's not different but everyone is bigger faster and stronger. You have to be good with techniques. You can get away with it in high school or Junior College but you cant at this level.

On the speed of the game:
It's so much faster than Junior College. Defenders do a better job of jamming you. The speed, physicality, knowing your footwork, and hand placement. It's a lot different.

On improving his body:
I did the workouts Coach Swasey made for us. I came in 254 with 20-percent body fat. Now I'm 256 with 15 percent body fast. I lost fat and gained muscle. A lot of guys, like Curtis Porter, did that through conditioning over the summer.

On a strong summer:
You're better conditioned, not gassed. You can tell when you're in for 5, 6, 7 plays in a row and you're not winded.

On the TE depth:
We only have five tight ends. It would be nice if we had six, three on the first and three on the 2nd. I'll take reps with both. When we go jumbo package, I'm on the field. We all rotate a lot.

On his role:
I just see myself contributing to the team like the other tight ends. I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help us win games.

On playing for a former TE (Al Golden):
I know he played tight end. He came in as a linebacker, went to defensive end, and then went to tight end. That's something that was cool. He's been there, done that but it's not something we talk about on a regular basis.

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