Interview: Gerald Riggs

Here's a kid that I have been hearing a lot of good things about for a long time. In talking to a good friend of mine who helps coordinate the NIKE Training Camps, he told me Riggs was absolutely awesome at the camp in Atlanta this past spring.

Riggs stands 6-feet exactly without shoes on. He told me this morning that he weighs 216 pounds right now, but indicated that he's been running a lot lately with track and getting ready for the football season. But then at the end of summer, he begins focusing more on weight lifting and Riggs told me that once the season gets here, he'll probably be in the 220-225 range. He was timed at NIKE at a 4.54, but says he's probably closer to the 4.50 range now because he's been running so much since then.

As a junior, Riggs ran for over 2,500 yards and helped his team to the state championship.

Your current core GPA: My core is around a 2.1

Your current test score: I got a 22 on the ACT

What are your goals for this season: I want to repeat as state champions first and to do that, I want to have another good year running the ball.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's it looking like: The four schools I will definitely visit are Tennessee, Michigan, LSU, and Nebraska. They're my top four right now.

What about a fifth visit: I might take it, I dont know yet. Florida State will most likely be the fifth, but with their new coaching staff and all that, I am going to have to wait and see.

Which of those five schools have offered scholarships: All five of them.

I noticed in previous interviews, you mentioned Miami. Are they under consideration: Definitely. I really thought about them a lot. My little brother lives in Dade County and I thought it would be real nice to be close to him and to play ball there. But Miami hasn't shown any interest in me, so I won't chase them. I have some real good offers right now, but if they started recruiting me, I'd definitely be interested in taking a visit there.

Did Miami call you in May: No, they didn't call or anything. It just seems like they don't have any interest, I'm not sure why because I would definitely consider them.

This one surprised me a bit. From everything I have seen and have been told by those who have watched him, Riggs is a big time back. On top of that, he showed a lot of interest in Miami early on, and I got the feeling from talking to him about UM that he's still very interested.

Four things quickly came to my head. First, perhaps the academic concerns. However, with a 22 ACT score, Riggs should be fine if he truly has a 2.1 core, which I think he does or else he would not have offers from over 40 programs before the start of his senior season.

Second, I thought maybe Riggs is overrated in the minds of the Miami coaches. However, I disregarded that because of how much interest he showed in UM before the May evaluation period. Whether he was No. 1 or No. 10 in the South, a kid who shows that much interest with that many offers would get a call.

Thirdly, I thought maybe UM decided early not to sign a tailback this year because of how well they've done the last two years in signing Willis McGahee and Frank Gore. However, I disregarded that because of the fact that they called some other running back prospects from around the country in May, and how much sense it would make to sign one big time back every recruiting class.

The final possibility I thought of and perhaps the most popular was that maybe the UM coaches already have a running back commitment in the bag that nobody is aware of yet. It may sound odd, and I don't know who it is if there is one, but this makes more sense than the first three possibilities I went through in my head.

You can be sure my next coupld interviews will be with some of the nation's premier running back prospects, so stay tuned.

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