Q&A with David Gilbert

Read on to see what senior defensive end David Gilbert is saying just two days after his first scrimmage with the team.

On coming here:
I was able to come back home. The support system is priceless.

On his previous UM connection:
I wasn't originally recruited by UM. Only after I decided to return to football I reached out to them.

On his foot:
It's coming along slowly but surely. I'm trying to get it back to 100 percent before the season. I could play tomorrow (in a game). I had surgery in March. I ruptured and tore my ligament.

On Friday's scrimmage:
I went about 20, 25 snaps. I am learning the playbook, getting adjusted to the speed.

On the O-Line:
They're good. It's a big strong bunch, very comparable to Wisconsin.

On the differences here:
We run a 3-4 here opposed to a 4-3. I'm in a 9-technique.

On being able to transfer:
It gives you opportunities. I was able to get my degree from Wisconsin and go to grad school here.

On returning to football:
I wouldn't say as much as people think. It wasn't a big deal. Deciding to play again was a big deal.

On people being upset at Wisconsin:
Some just feel like I lied. Having surgery changes a lot. Not everyone knows what that's like.

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