Q&A with Justin Renfrow

Read on to see what senior defensive tackle Justin Renfrow is saying just two days after his first scrimmage with the team.

On coming here:
I just graduated from UVA and needed a new situation. Coach Golden recruited out of high school. They recruited me to Temple. It just happened they still needed D-Linemen here. It's been a great opportunity.

On how it happened:
I reached out to them. I reached out to all the coaches who recruited me in high school. I reached out to Penn State and people like that.

On how he helps:
I can help with the pass rush, a guy that brings more ability to the nose position. Getting to the ball, giving CP a break, just helping out whatever way I can.

On a big opportunity:
Yes. I wanted to take advantage of my opportunity, and I want to help this team win.

On what he's learned:
The coaches have been working with me. The biggest thing I've learned here is that it's all about the team. I'm trying to help anyway I can.

On his decision:
My family has a lot of faith. Making the decision, I knew God would work things out for me. I had to take an extra class load to graduate. I knew everything else would work itself out.

On playing UVA now:
Being here, I've learned the way how the team and coaches want to play. If we take that into the game against Virginia we will definitely be able to make it happen.

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