Q&A with Mark D'Onofrio

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying just a couple days after the team's second fall scrimmage.

On the scrimmage:
As for execution, we improved in the redzone and on third downs. We have some things to clean up still.

On the new D-Linemen:
There's two things right now. These guys have been here four days. They've done an amazing job. All of them, to be able to scrimmage 30 plays each. In four days, that's hard. It's like learning another language. What he did at Wisconsin was totally different. When you're totally comfortable, you can play fast. They may make a few errors but we'll see the next step now.

On how much they've learned:
They missed the whole install. It's like learning a new language. It's not as easy as a guy just playing defensive end. They have to learn and react. I'm very pleased. It will add a layer of depth and competition that we need.

On the biggest improvements:
The depth. I think our conditioning, to not wear down, to rotate more guys. Last year we had to rotate a lot and there was a drop off. This year we have guys to compete with the ones. They're battling, not just in by default.

On tackling:
It improved. We went about halfway with where I wanted to get to. We have 12 days to get to where I want it to be. You can't go live in camp or else you won't have a team come the opener. We drill it every day. We teach off the tape. We try to simulate it every day. We want to tackle well every day.

On players knowing coaches are always looking for guys to add:
That's obvious. Guys understand it. We didn't stop from signing day until a week ago. We try to upgrade our team. That's our job.

On Justin Renfrow:
He probably went 30 plus snaps. He's 310 pounds, in really good shape. He was 330 at one point. I was impressed with his stamina.

On Thurston Armbrister:
I've always been a fan of the things Thurston can do. He can bend, has long arms, and has pad level. He played 325 snaps, started three games. We didn't have him in the spring. Fig in, McCord coming there has helped. Fig played well the other night. Those two guys are competing right now.

On the new additions:
They're good football players. They're competitive. I'm excited with what they're doing. They will continue getting better. You worry about freshmen hitting the wall. They gotta stay in the grind every day.

On Ufomba Kamalu:
Good. He is strong, a long guy. He's 6-5, 275,, long, and it's just a matter of him getting comfortable with what we want him to do.

On the final depth chart:
When guys think they have a spot, that's when you don't have a good team. When you have competition and guys have to fight, that's when you're good. It might be different every day. There is no final depth chart. They have to come out and compete every day.

On Curtis Porter:
Curtis is stronger, better conditioned. He can go longer periods of time. He/s played six games in two years, When he comes back, he's not in the condition you want him. He practiced the spring, went through all summer. That's never happened for him so he'll be in better condition.

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