Player Updates (8/19)

Here is an update on several players, including the eligibility status of freshman running back Gus Edwards.

* No players wore yellow (limited) or red (no contact) jerseys at practice today.

* Shayon Green, Shane McDermott, and Phillip Dorsett did not have pads on today at practice. They served as team leaders/coaches.

* QB Preston Dewey is still not with the team.

* Juco DL transfer Julio Derosier has still not yet been cleared.

* Deon Bush is back in the lineup but won't be 100-percent for a few more weeks.

"Deon was in a green shirt yesterday, and he progressed well. I am excited for him. Hopefully today is a good step and hopefully he'll continue making progress. He won't be 100 percent any time soon but the only way to get there is to make improvements every single day.

* Freshman RB Gus Edwards has been cleared and will return to practice tomorrow.

"He will be ready to go tomorrow," said Golden.

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