Golden is concerned about WR depth

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden was saying one day before the team wraps up fall camp.

On the depth chart:
We have two more days of camp and then another 10 days where a lot of those jobs will be determined. We will break camp with one but another 50 or 60 percent will be settled in those next practices.

On where jobs are still open:
There is a lot on the line, in the secondary, at wide out. I am concerned about our depth at wideout. If we get nicked up like we have been the last few days I'm worried there.

On the WR depth:
It's been Allen Hurns. Malcolm is fighting back still. Rashawn Scott has been in and out. We don't have 11, 12 receivers on scholarship. Our numbers are low.

On Friday's scrimmage:
It was good. Guys played hard. Guys were making effort plays. We conducted it like a game, with TV timeouts and having a halftime so guys can be focused on that. This is a mature team, and I've been saying that all along.

On some guys not giving great effort:
If you didn't give good effort, that's the standard here. You can run and give 100 percent during the game or loaf and then run on your time.

On Stacy Coley:
He's just a freshman. He's a talented freshman, who is a long way from playing a whole game. He's talented. We're happy he's what we thought he was. We don't wanna jump from here to camp. That's been fun to watch. He has to study football. He shows willingness to block. All those things are great qualities for a young receiver.

On the leadership:
At the end of the day when you start to change a culture and guys buy in, that's what we see. Dorsett, Allen leading. Malcolm coming off a foot injury was blocking everyone. He had an unbelievable block on a run by Mo Hagens. For Stacy, it's easy to see what it takes.

On Mo Hagens:
I think he's a really talented fullback. He's under the radar in terms of being recognized. We understand his value. He's a very unselfish player, tough all the time. He does all the things we ask him to do.

On freshmen being able to play:
There is a progression there. First get in and make plays, then play more, then fight for a job. Like everything else, I've been around guys who lit it up. There has to be a confidence there. You're better to be a game late than a game early with some kids so you don't destroy confidence.

On Pat O'Donnell:
He's a man, a mature guy. He had a kickoff and I asked what he was aiming at and he said the B in Coach Barrow over there. He gets it. It's like golf. What's your focus? Is it finite enough?

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