Interview: Max Jean-Gilles

It's not Stockar McDougle, who was an All-American at Oklahoma and a first round draft pick by the Detroit Lions. It's not Mike Pearson, who is a preseason All-American at the University of Florida right now. And it's not Vernon Carey, who if he gets to 320 and stays there, has the talent to be an All-American at the University of Miami.

Instead, it's North Miami Beach standout Max Jean-Gilles who I think is the best offensive line prospect to come out of state of Florida in the last 10 years. He's that good.

This kid has it all. He's a legit 6-foot-5 and every bit of it. He tips the scales right around 340 right now, but carries it a lot better than Carey does with 340. Gilles told me he wants to play this season around 335. I've never seen a kid who weighs 340 pounds move the way Gilles does. It sounds hard to believe, but the way he can get out in front of people as a guard reminds me of former UM lineman Richard Mercier. Technique wise, he has some things to learn, but he's much further along at this age than Carey and McDougle were.

As a run blocker, he is flat out awesome. He's very physical and has tremendous explosion off the ball and really drives well. What he lacks in technique with the passing game, he makes up for with awesome lower body strength (he squats close to 600 pounds) and foot work to slide and shuffle.

Best of all, Gilles has the work ethic and desire to be the best football player he can possibly be. He's just a big, big time football player with enormous upside. There can't be a better guard prospect anywhere in America right now.

Your current GPA: I have a 2.5 core (2.78 overall)

Your current test score: I am waiting for those to come back. (note: Gilles has already passed both sections of the HSCT).

Describe your style of play: I'm versatile. I can block downfield and can move well for a big guy.

Who has offered a scholarship: I have offers from a lot of schools right now (note: the exact number is right around 50, including all three Florida schools)

If signing day were tomorrow, which schools have the best chance at Max Jean-Gilles? I don't even know, I'm still wide open and want to take my visits.

Name two college football programs: Miami and Nebraska. Those are two of my favorite teams right now I'd say.

What will be the most important factor in your decision-making process: I'd have to say the coaching staff. I want to go somewhere that I feel real comfortable with the head coach and the offensive line coach.

Gilles is all business. He's very well spoken and he's a kid you can carry on a conversation with for hours. He's very down to earth and knows what he's going to have to do in order to reach his potential. Good news for Miami is that Art Kehoe, who I think is UM's best recruiter, is the primary recruiter for Gilles and I think their relationship over the next several months will be a very important factor.

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