Interview: Terrell McGill

McGill is a talented two-way lineman. He had a very strong junior season on defense, garnering second team All-Dade County honors. However, he has switched to offense primarily and will play that position at the next level.

McGill is 6-foot-3 without shoes on and when he stepped on the scales last Monday, he was right at 295 pounds. He's built well, with narrow shoulders, athletic ankles, and long arms. He'll be one of the more athletic 300+ pound pulling guards wherever he plays over the next several years.

Be sure to note that he lines up defensively right next to the state's best defensive lineman, Kareem Brown. That will allow him to really wreck havoc in opposing backfields. But when on the field without Brown, you can see why he'll be a much better offensive lineman in college, as I witnessed at his spring jamboree against Carol City.

Your current core GPA: 2.50 core

Your latest test scores: I haven't taken it yet. I should be doing that later this summer.

Describe your playing style: I consider everything a grudge match. When you line up against me, you better be ready to play football because I am going to bring everything I have.

Who called in May: Miami, Florida, UCF, N.C. State, Auburn, LSU, Rutgers, West Virginia, Minnesota, Michigan State, and some more. I have them written on a board at Kareem's house.

Which schools have offered a scholarship: With the exception of Miami and Florida, every team that called me also offered me a scholarship. We had a lot of coaches come through to watch practice and a lot of teams offered both me and Kareem.

Who is your favorite right now and why: I am open right now. I still need to learn some more about the schools recruiting me and see what UM or Florida will do.

Outside of Terrell McGill, name the three best linemen in Dade County: Kareem is No. 1. The dude from North Miami Beach (Max Jean-Gilles) is probably second and the dude from Coral Gables (Alex Pou) is pretty good.

Athletically, McGill is what you're looking for in an offensive lineman. He doesn't have the type of upside as guys like Chris Myers, Joel Rodriguez, Alex Pou, etc, but he's a talented kid that will probably play at a major Div 1 program. He has tested with a 28-inch vertical jump, which shows good explosion for a near 300 pounder. So does his 5.20/40 speed that he uses well on the field.

He's the 8th best offensive line prospect I have seen this year behind Gilles, Adam Peterson, Pou, Brian Johnson, Anthony Wollschlager, Ryan Carter, and Randy Hand.

Recruiting wise, he's just a kid who has played football for awhile and really doesn't know much at all about the schools recruiting him. He'll be the kid who takes all five visits and then thinks a lot about his decision.

While his teammate Kareem Brown is the best defensive lineman in the state and hopefully will sign with Miami, I dont think McGill will be offered by UM unless Gilles AND Pou decide to leave the area along with someone like Wollschlager. It's very doubtful that happens, and I think McGill will enjoy much more success at a place like NC State or Auburn or West Virginia than he would at UM.

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