In-State DL Favoring Miami

Bunkley is a kid I wish I could have gotten to see in person this spring, but I just got his tape in today and I was floored. He has the upside of a big time kid.

Bunkley stands right at 6-foot-3, maybe 6-3 and 1/4. He told me he stepped on the scale last night and it read 258 pounds. That's 257 pounds of pure muscle. He's got long arms, huge hands, and wide hips that will allow him to probably add about 15-20 more pounds of muscle.

When watching defensive linemen and thinking whether they can play somewhere like UM, first thing's first - speed. How quick are they? How explosive are they? This kid's speed and explosion really pops out at you.

So after watching the tape twice, it was a spring jamboree in which he was playing quick tackle. In just the first quarter alone, which saw Bunkley on defense for eight passing plays, he registered four quarterback sacks. That's when I immediately picked up the phone to talk to this kid.

Your current core GPA: 2.3

Your latest test score: I'm taking it tomorrow.

Describe your style of play: I win with quickness, I play hard. I'll play either tackle or end, but either way, I'll beat you with my quickness.

Who called in May: Everyone it seems. My phone never stopped ringing. Miami, Florida, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, there were a lot of them.

Has Miami offered: They're about the only ones that haven't. Their quarterbacks coach watched me practice and he said he and their head coach needed to watch my spring jamboree before they were going to offer a scholarship.

Who is your best offer right now: It's probably Florida. They had a coach at my practice real early this month. The same night, he called and told me he was offering a scholarship.

Who is your favorite right now and why: It's Miami. I love their attitude on defense and I think I can fit in real well there. Plus, I really like their coach who is recruiting me.

Bunkley is a class act to talk to. He's a yes-sir, no-sir type of kid who is very fun to talk to. In perhaps the strongest year in the last five or six for defensive tackles in this state, Bunkley ranks among the best. I've seen Davin Joseph, Chris Anderson, Chris Turner, and Kareem Brown in person and now I've seen Bunkley on film. He's a better football player right now than Joseph, Turner, and Brown and still has a lot to learn and a lot of room to grow. I think if he passes his test that he takes tomorrow, Miami will be the next to offer a scholarship.

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