Spring Ball - Edison

As I pulled up, I saw a very big, athletic football team gearing up for its jamboree on Thursday.

The minute you walk onto the field, you spot Nate Harris. At 6-1 and 205, he's cut up extremely well. His athletic ability jumps out at you. He's relentless in persuit (knocked a teammate's helmet off with one hit today) and can run from sideline to sideline really well. He's very tough to block because of his quickness in his lower body.

Harris, who doubles as a running back, has legit 4.60 speed. He has the desire to reach his potential and he brings a lot of talent to the table. One of the assistants told me Florida State came by recently and offered him a scholarship on the spot. Harris is clearly a Top 20 kid in the state and he's the state's best linebacker I have seen to this point.

But surprisingly, as I continued watching practice, I slowly began to realize that Harris was the second best player on the field.

Meet cornerback Terrell Walden, a big time prospect.

At 5-foot-11 (legit), he only goes about 150 lbs, but he's got the quickest feet of any player I have watched in several years.

Walden is also the fastest player I have watched this spring. Folks, this kid has Santana Moss like speed and quickness. If you put him on a track, he's a legit 4.30 kid. If you put him on grass, he's a legit 4.35 kid. He's simply that fast.

ALthough he lacks the physical ability right now to match up against 6-2 wide receivers, he makes up everything with blazing speed and quickness. He's what coaches call a one-stepper, someone who breaks on the football after taking just one more step into the wide receiver's rote. That's rare, especially in high school.

Simply put, he's an absolute blanket.

Going back to his lack of physical style to match up, he sure can go up and get the football. Twice I saw him out-leap a 6-2 receiver (with athletic ability) for a jump ball.

Even better, Walden has a tremendous passion for the game and gives super effort every play.

He reminds me of former Dade County standout Samari Rolle (Florida State and now in the NFL) coming out of highschool several years ago. Rolle was 150 when he left and he's been playing in the pros for years now.

Walden has that type of talent. He'll be 165-170 in two years and will be dripping with talent and the skills necessary to become a big time player at the major college level. He's very coachable and his best days are way ahead of him.

So as I walked off the field today, I had seen a big time cornerback prospect who could play at UM tomorrow and a borderline big timer at linebacker who I think has super upside as well.

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