Q&A with Allen Hurns

Read on to see what senior wide receiver Allen Hurns is saying just a few days before the team's opening game against FAU.

"This off season we've been competing every day. Now it's time to focus on FAU," said Hurns.

"We can't focus on the other team. We just have to focus on what we have to do and execute," said Hurns.

Hurns on Stephen Morris.
"He's improved a lot during scrimmages and his timing with his receivers."

"I see a lot of improvement especially with his leadership. He's more vocal."

"He's making a lot of throws that are very precise. Pretty much he's handling the offense a lot better."

How much easier does that make your job knowing that when you run your route that the ball is going to be there?
"It's nice knowing that because at the beginning of the play I know that the ball is going to be there. I don't second guess it."

Are you excited to get this thing kicked off? You seem a bit reserved.
"Yeah I'm excited this week I'm just preparing myself."

It's your senior year. What do you think this offense is capable of doing?
"I think this offense can do a lot of good things because we have a lot of weapons in the offensive line."

You're kind of the old man in the receivers group. Do these guys come to you for guidance?
"They come to me for guidance but as a receivers group we're pretty open with each other. I can go to Dorsett , I can go to Stacy, we can talk to each other about anything."

What do you see from some of the young guys? Stacy Coley?
"I see a lot of improvement every day. Their getting better every day. Especially a lot of young guys. Herb he's picking it up and D'Mauri Jones I see a lot of improvement from him too."

Do you feel like the competition across the board is making all of you guys better?
"Yeah it makes us better because every day we go out there and we get after each other."

I know five of guys are playing a lot do you think that's going to fall back to the teams success?
"Our first goal is the team goal. We try to get the win and the numbers will follow up after that."

Is this the best offense since you've been here?
"Yeah I would say that. We're communicating a lot and we're just executing every that we need to do."

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