Spring Ball - Wednesday

My tour through Palm Beach County didn't figure to be too long because so many kids showed up at the NIKE Camp.

Among those I had already seen this spring were quarterback Omar Jacobs, wide receiver Brandon White, wide receiver Santonio Holmes, wide receiver Devin Hester, offensive lineman John Miller, defensive end Ray McDonald, defensive tackle Steven Cline, defensive end Coy Greene, linebacker William Beckford, and linebacker James Pinkney.

That was a star-filled camp from Palm Beach County. In fact, of the list of kids I had heading into April to watch this spring, that camp featured nine of the 11.

The two that did not attend the camp were Palm Beach Gardens standouts Tim Coney and Earl Newby. That's where I watched practice from today.

At 6-2 and 215, Coney is the real deal. He's built very well and would pass the look test of an NFL linebacker. He carries his weight extremely well, and can really bring it with a nasty attitude.

He runs from sideline to sideline extremely well and he has a tremendous nose for the football. When the ball is snapped, he's usually the first to find it, and he makes life miserable on the opposing ball carriers. He has very powerful strength and is an explosive tackler.

Unfortunately, Coney has almost no chance to qualify according to one of his assistant coaches.

Newby goes both ways, and looks to be better suited to play running back. At 5-11 and 190, he runs hard and has the mentality of a fullback. He lacks breakaway speed, which could indicate a possible switch to the linebacker position at the next level, but he appears to be a definite Division 1 talent.

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