Coley has high expectations

Read on to see what first year offensive coordinator James Coley is saying about his offense just a couple days before the season opener against FAU.

On the pressure of having a talented group:
There is no pressure. Every unit wants to put points on the board. We're blessed to have talented players and a good coaching staff. The pressure is never on when you have good players.

On one word to describe this offense:

On where they are as a unit:
They're exactly where I want them to be. We have to keep improving heading into Friday.

On differences with Stephen Morris:
He's bigger. You really notice when he throws balls when you're on the other sideline. You see the arm strength. It's great. He has a lot of talent.

On Duke Johnson:
How smart and dedicated he is to doing things right. Sometimes you get a talented player but you have to get in there and push him and he does that himself.

On his biggest concern:
Staying healthy. I worry about injuries from the first play to the end. You never wanna see injuries. You wana see them meet their potential. That's what I think of, week in and week out. You want guys in the game knowing what they're doing or they could get someone else hurt.

Our whole mind frame is we wanna work our game plan, come out fired up. They were 14-14 against Georgia last year. Our thoughts aren't on the rotation. We want to see where they are. If you're not in the starting group, we want you working toward that.

On this year's offense compared to last year's:
It's the same. It's an up tempo offense but it'll be different. We have a different guy coaching receivers, tight ends, and running backs. The last guy did a great job but they did it their way. We will get it to work.

On Seantrel being 2nd team:
Coach (Golden) handles all that. I know why you're asking. We do that all week long. If a guy is outplaying someone, he will move up.

On dangers of looking ahead to next week:
When your livelihood is based on the scoreboard, you don't hold much back. The opponent at hand is key. You run different combinations during the season. Later in the season you get self-scouted and you counter from that. Right now FAU is our number one focus from players, coaches, to everyone here. We will worry about next week when we get to it.

On Kevin Olsen:
He looks good. He's working hard. The speed of the game is fast. His mechanics and footwork and thought process has to speed up. He's at a point now where you see the talent. He is having the confidence where he can see it now. Having to learn a new playbook caused some uncertainty but now you're starting to see his confidence.

On the potential of this offense:
It has all the makeup of doing what other offenses I've been around have done, and better. We have to look from game one through our last game. It doesn't happen in spurts. We can't be good in two games, then down in game three. What makes it great is consistency from game one until the end and that they're getting better every week.

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