Q&A with Tyriq McCord

Read on to see what sophomore Tyriq McCord is saying just a few days before the team's season opener against FAU.

On his role:
Like I said during camp, I'm just trying to make my team better. I'll play the positions they need me to play – linebacker and defensive end.

On why he's not listed on the depth chart:
Playing multiple positions is probably why. I'm learning the game as I go along. It's no big deal. I'll even go over to offense on Scout team and give them a look. I get tired going from field to field but I just wanna help my team to get a bowl game.

On his ideal play:
Sack and caused fumble is the best football play in the game. My mentality is just getting there. I wanna get in and get a hurry if I can't get a sack, and allow the defensive back to make a play. My thing is getting into the backfield and causing a big play and sticking my hand up.

On Quan Muhammad:
He came in, probably 10 pounds heavier than I came in. It's like seeing an alter ego. He has a good speed rush. I won't tell you his moves but I've fed off some of those. I gave him some coaching because hes playing my old position on third downs.

On his role on third downs:
I'm playing defensive end. He's playing the other side. I give him a little coaching. I feed off him, and he feeds off me. The offensive linemen ask for us when doing 1 on 1s so we can help them prepare for speed rushers.

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