Spring Ball - Day 9

My first stop was at Centennial H.S. in Port St. Lucie, whose coach says he has two kids that are being heavily recruited.

Offensive lineman Brian Kimberlin is a lot smaller than I thought he was going to be. At 6-1 and 250, I think bigger defensive linemen will create problems. He doesn't have the awesome technique or the relentless attitude to overcome that. He's probably a low Div 1 kid at this point, and will probably be a center at the next level.

Linebacker Jay Santiago is very active. At 6-1 and 215, he runs from sideline to sideline fairly well and has prototypical size for a kid at this age. He's a kid that can play against the run when it's right at him, or when it's away from him. I think he's a low to mid level Div 1 kid at this point.

My next stop was to Jupiter H.S. to watch lineman Emmitt Tatum. A talented run stuffer, Tatum goes 6-4 and 315. He moves very well for a big man, but is clearly an offensive lineman at the next level. He needs a lot of work on his footwork, but the natural strength and toughness is there. He's very massive and does an outstanding job of coming off the football. He's very aggressive. Talent wise, he's got a lot of upside. He's probably a mid level Div 1 kid.

I continued to enjoy my tour around the state, which the total milage log for me this month is up to over 1,900 miles.

I look forward to getting back at it on Monday.

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