Mike's Take: FAU Game

The Hurricanes defeated FAU in their season opener tonight by the score of 34-6. Read on to see what CanesTime's Mike Bakas is saying about the game.

* Nice win to start the season. Sure, it was ugly at times but lets not forget how often these games turn out badly. Ask UConn, which lost to a 1AA opponent last night. A 28-point win at home when the team made numerous mistakes is something a coaching staff will take all day.

* Stephen Morris was OK. Sure, his receivers dropped a few balls but they also made some nice catches for him. I thought one of the big concerns was how many hits he took last season. He seems to have learned from that. I don't like how he handled the second Coley drop but that's his mentality.

* Duke was Duke. He plays as hard, and is as competitive a player that this program's had in several years. He's old school Miami. He played well, but it was FAU. He's a legitimate threat every time he touches it.

* Allen Hurns is clearly the most reliable option in the passing game. Stacy Coley has a chance to be special but he had some freshman jitters out there tonight. Lets not forget some of the key drops that guys like Santana Moss (opening play vs FSU early in his career) had during their time. Rashawn Scott's injury didn't look good. Malcolm Lewis was nowhere to be found (maybe better, giving him an extra week).

* Clive Walford's touchdown was a thing of beauty. He played well. Beau Sandland was a non-factor in the passing game. It'll be interesting to see how long that will last.

* The offensive line did not play well. They were unable to dominate the line of scrimmage. And Morris was hit way too much when releasing the football. The inability to get Gus Edwards the late touchdown was ugly. If they don't improve a lot in the next eight days, next Saturday afternoon will be a tough one for them.

* The defense showed signs of improvement, but the opponent made it tough to tell. They showed signs of a pass rush. Quan Muhammad was active. David Gilbert was active. Justin Renfrow played the nose early and often.

* Denzel Perryman was active but he dropped an easy interception that would have gone for a touchdown, and then had two personal foul penalties called against him. Those are things this defense can't afford against better teams down the stretch.

* No Deon Bush was the biggest news in the secondary. The fact that he was dressed and seemed ready to go makes you feel better about the situation. He was likely held out just to make sure he's 100-percent for next weekend. I like that move.

* Matt Goudis connected on some key field goals, and Pat O'Donnell was as expected. The kicking game seems rock solid heading into week two.

* It was nice seeing so many freshmen on the field for the Hurricanes tonight. Gus Edwards, Stacy Coley, Muhammad, Alex Figueroa, Jermaine Grace, Artie Burns, Jamal Carter, and Corn Elder all played tonight. That's a solid group looking into the future.

* Both units likely held a lot back, considering it was FAU and considering next weekend's opponent is ranked in the top 10. It'll be a whole different game, and I think we'll see a different Miami team next weekend.

* Bring on the Gators!

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