Q&A with Antonio Crawford

Read on to see what sophomore cornerback Antonio Crawford is saying a few days before the team's showdown against Florida.

Q: You guys are playing Florida this week. A lot of people argue that you guys should play them every year. How do you feel about that?
A: I definitely think it's a good experience, we're just going to go out and play hard.

Q: How different is this week from last week?
A: It's not really different. We're just going to play our game.

Q: What has coach Golden's attitude been by trying to take a business approach to the game. Trying not to get too hype. Is that his message?
A: We're just going t treat it like any other game. Don't let it overwhelm you. Just go out and play hard. Just play your own football.

Q: Why do you think he's telling you guys that?
A: I think because it is like any other game. If you think too into it might overwhelm you. Might get to out of you comfort zone.

Q: That being said. Are you a little amped right now?
A: I'm excited every week. Like I said it's a great experience.

Q: Tell us about the back and forth between you and Tracy Howard. Has that been tough to adjust to?
A: It's not tough at all. When I'm on the sideline I'm taking mental notes and telling him what he could do better and when I'm playing he's doing the same thing. We feed off each other. We get better by doing that. We're all in the rotation. We're all out there competing and playing Miami football.

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