Hagens: I hate Florida

Fullback Maurice Hagens is fired up for Saturday's game against Florida. Read on to see what he's saying about it.

Q: How do you feel about Florida?
A: Just another week. Can't make it more than it is, can't make it less than it is. We're going to prepare for it like any other week.

Q: How would you evaluate the excitement level of this team going into this week?
A: Everybody is excited. It's a big game for us. It's a state game an we always want to take over the state.

Q: When you look at the rankings and see Florida and Florida State up there does it make you feel like this is your opportunity to make a move?
A: We don't look at the rankings we just try to play it. If we look at the rankings some people might be in shock.

Q: 4-14 on third downs and 1-3 on fourth down. How can you guys improve offensively?
A: The way we see it. We just have to execute better. You don't really want to go into a game with those numbers in mind. We just want to improve on it.

Q: Would you say those were first game blues?
A: No it's nothing like that. You just have to execute your assignment and things will go much better.

Q: Even though you did that. Duke had a tremendous game. Does that mean you guys got it right for those 18 carries. Have you guys focused on improving on that specifically in this weeks practice?
A: We're just going about it the same way you can't overemphasize it. Can't be thinking about third downs only going into the game. We're just working on our offense in general.

Q: Do you think it's sad that this is the last meeting scheduled between you two (Miami vs. UF)?
A: No feelings about that, I just play the schedule.

Q: Coach was a bit amped during the media portion of practice. What's his attitude been like this week?
A: Just to focus, if you make one mistake it could carry on to destroy a ball game. So we're just trying to be more focused.

Q: What do you think of Duke's block on the Herb Waters run?
A: It was something we did in practice. He did exactly what he was supposed to do.

Q: Did you hold your breath when he went down?
A: No because he's a tough guy. He just had to get back up and get right.

Q: Tell me what kind of trash are you going to be talking on Saturday.
A: No trash, just play football.

Q: Why not?
A: Trash talking doesn't win games.

Q: This is the Gators we're talking about and they're one of your big rivals.
A: I'm not going to be talking an trash just going out to play football.

Q: What if they start?
A: That's them.

Q: What do you think the atmosphere will be like?
A: Good energy from both sides. More on our side since its a home game. It's going to be at noon so that's what we live for.

Q: Regional bragging rights?
A: Not really. This is Florida, there's great football throughout the state.

Q: Do you hate them as much as Florida State?
A: I hate them both.

Q: Why?
A: Because they're not us.

Q: They made a leap from two seasons to last year. Do you guys look at that and think we can do that too?
A: Not really we just took at us and see what we could do.

Q: Their defense is very physical. They're probably going to try to be very physical with Duke. Talk to us about that and as a fullback how you plan to protect him.
A: They're going to play physical and so so are we, there's no way around it.

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