Q&A with Stephen Morris

Read on to see what senior quarterback Stephen Morris is saying a few days before the team's showdown against 9th-ranked Florida.

On being at the last Florida game:
It was an unofficial. It was my senior year. Me, my dad, and one of my teammates went up to watch a game. It was loud, a great atmosphere. I thought Miami did well but the score wasn't reflective of that. That was a long time ago. This is a different team.

On his decision to play here:
I wanted to stay in Florida, stay close to my family. I was waiting for a chance,, and my hometown school gave me that chance and I never looked back.

On when Miami offered:
Right after Friday Night Lights. Me and Allen Hurns just left. We competed with great athletes who were there. My offer came shortly after that.

On preparing like any other game:
I am telling my guys to treat it like a normal game.. When you think it's a big game, you try doing things you're not supposed to do. Coach Golden is doing a great job of relaying that message to the whole team.

On trash talking Saturday:
There is trash talking at every game. This is a rival game inside the state. We're not too concerned. Our main focus is going to the next play. If they start it, we still have to get the call and get set.

On their defense:
Defensively, they're fast and physical. They play in a great conference. They've done a great job in recent years. We have to play smart, understand every possession is important. We have to win 1on1 matchups outside. We have to stay to our plan and we'll be fine.

On Duke Johnson:
He had a great game. Protection wise he was very solid. I thought he did an unbelievable job and I'm really excited for him.

On execution:
We gotta improve in that area. We can't drop passes. I have to improve. I have to be more vocal to my guys. We have to improve on third downs, and do a better job of running our offense. We have to keep chopping, keep moving.

On playing some elite defenses last season:
Playing those teams, I learned they don't make mental errors. We can't have false starts or penalties that kill drives. That was a big problem we had last year.

On the crowd:
My biggest goal is to get my offense ready. To me it doesn't matter if its 50/50, 60/40, whatever. I just have to handle our aspect.

On the crowd for FAU:
I thought it was a great turnout, even with FAU. When we scored, the stadium got loud. For a marquee game like this a lot of people will be there and the stadium should be rocking.

On Jeff Driskel:
He's a runner, a physical. He's played the top defenses in the country the last few seasons. It works for their system. For their coaches and the plays they choose, it works. He surprises a lot of people the way he throws as well.

On playing better on offense:
Offensively, for me, the biggest thing I have to do is play smart and make better decisions. We have to run the right plays at the right time. We just have to focus on the drive at hand. You never know which plays will work.

On first game jitters last week:
Throughout the week you can prepare for game speed but you can't replicate it. FAU, we knew they were a great team and very physical. If we didn't drop a few passes and I didn't make a few bad reads, it would have been a different game. We just have to correct those mistakes.

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