Q&A with Kacy Rodgers

Read on to see what senior safety Kacy Rodgers is saying a few days before the team's big game against Florida.

On Friday's performance:
I wanna be a playmaker, someone to help this defense. My coaches are depending on me. Whatever it takes for me to help this team win, I wanna do it.

On how they can improve:
Overall, we have to make more turnovers. That's how you win more games. We have to be better with that.

On getting more sacks:
That's a step in the direction we wanna take. Next game we wanna get more than five. We just have to keep working.

On being too hyped for Saturday:
I don't think so because the coaches do a great job of preparing us. They keep us level headed, and confident.

On the big crowd expected:
It's definitely exciting when you make a big play and your fans are behind you. But then again, that's with any game when you make plays.

On being a senior here now:
It's definitely been up and down. I'm glad, it's my senior year and I have great teammates and coaches. I wouldn't want my senior year to be with any other players or coaches or school.

On Florida's receivers:
They have some talented receivers. They all go up and get it. They're fast. We will have our work cut out for us.

On Florida's offense:
They have a good coordinator, a great quarterback, good receivers, and a big O-Line. It'll be tough but we're up for the challenge.

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