Post-Game: Denzel Perryman

Read on to see what linebacker Denzel Perryman was saying following the team's big win over Florida.

Q: You were extremely active early on. How important was it for you to start off like that? How'd the rest of the day go for you?
A: Pretty much my whole thing was just going out there and getting to the ball and doing what I have to do. Pretty much the rest of the game I said the same thing just keep doing what I'm doing.

Q: How do you feel right now?
A: I feel great. Defense had a pretty good game. Their offense was very physical. We were prepared for it. I'm feeling really good right now.

Q: Talk about the conditioning of the defense leading up to this game?
A: Pretty much our conditioning is done at practice. Line up and get ready.

Q: What does this win say about the state of this program?
A: It says a lot. It's a big win for us. We can't make it bigger than it is.

Q: Can you guys talk about winning what may be the last game of the series in a while?
A: Last time we played them was in 2008; we were still in high school.

Q: There was record crowd for the stadium. Denzel what kind of charge do you get from that?
A: We get a real big charge on third down they were backed up on our goal line.

Q: Can you talk about Coach's enthusiasm during the game? It seems like he's one of the players out there at times.
A: He had us hyped keeping us poised.

Q: Talk to us about that big play.
A: Honestly I was just doing my job and I didn't know he fumbled until I heard the crowd start yelling.

Q: Can you talk about that fourth and one stop with Driskel?
A: I was pretty much doing my job and I saw Driskel trying to find some place to go and I just played football.

Q: After Clemson beat Georgia last week. What does this game say about the ACC?
A: You know that we're not a cup cake league, there is some competition in this league.

Q: Did you guys expect this game to land in the lap of the defense like it did? I mean you guys had to make some mighty big plays to win this game.
A: No not really. They had an explosive offense we had an explosive offense. We weren't really thinking it was going to be a defensive game. I was pretty much talking to the guys, Tracy was talking to the guys, Tyriq and we were all talking to each other and to pretty much remain poised and play football.

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