Several players talk about UF game

Read on to see what several Hurricane players were saying today, following the team's win over Florida.

Tyriq McCord

I've been dreaming about this moment. This is why you come to the U, to play the Florida Gators. I'm glad to make this a reality. That's all I can say about this right now. I'm just happy.

Is it easier to get more turnovers early in the game?
I would agree. We just feed off each other. When Denzel makes a good play I have to feed off him and when Tracy got his pick then I have to make up for him. You know this is my time.

How much of a boost does it give you to have such a successful punting game as you did today with Pat O' Donnell?
We're grateful for Pat O' Donnell, that's all we're going to say.

Talk to us about Coach Golden's enthusiasm during the game?
I will say this when I was being recruited and I was watching the USF game and I remember watching the kicker and normally the kicker has to be isolated so that he can focus and I remember seeing Coach Golden standing right there in the middle with him. That's pretty much the reason why I came here, he's just like one of us and that's what I love about him

Tracy Howard

Tracy talk to us a little about your big play and about the defense?
We made a lot of big plays on defense. We give it all to coach D. He made some great play calls and it was up to us to execute. I think we did just fine.

We watched a lot of film, we knew it was coming; it was just up to me to execute. I saw Trey Burton in the backfield and it was just up to me to make the play.

As you guys are growing up do you think this team can start to trust you more?
It's great for us without trust you don't have anything. We have great leaders on our team in Denzel Perryman and Jimmy Gaines. Tyriq and I are young guys but if you can make plays then you can talk and we still have a voice on this team. Offense trusted the defense and vice versa. When the offense was struggling we never got down on them we just told them to pick it up and that we had their back.

Allen Hurns

How much do you enjoy having coach Golden on the sidelines?
I enjoy it a lot; it just shows his passion and his love for the game

Tell us about the passing game.
We got the victory and that's enough. Good thing

Herb Waters

How does it feel to have bragging rights over Florida from here on out?
It feels great. They had a great defense, they came out and played their hardest, and we got the victory. We try not to emphasize how big a team they are and we just try to keep our poise. At the end of the day we have to be happy because we got the victory.

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