Post-Game: Duke Johnson

Read on to see what running back Duke Johnson was saying following the team's win over Florida.

How physical this battle was?
That just made the victory worth it.

Coach Golden is always talking about the maturity of this team is. Now in your second year tell us about how you've seen this team mature.
We've matured very much. As you can see we went out there and performed to the best of our ability.

The whole week you guys down played this game saying that it was just another game. How do you feel right now?
I'm excited. Just know that all of the work that we put in the offseason is finally starting to pay off.

Tell us about the trash talking during the game.
That's expected. The higher the trash talking it just made the game better and more excited to play.

Coach Golden's enthusiasm during the game.
It's great to see the things we work on in practice executed during the game the way that he sees it. I'm excited for him also.

Talk to us about the offensive struggle.
It's because of their defense; without out a doubt one of the best that we're going to play this year, and one of the best defenses in the country.

Does this win mean signify that University of Miami football is back from a national standpoint?
It could be, you really can't tell until the rest of the season is over. This is a good stepping-stone towards the right direction.

After a physical game like this is a good time for a biweekly?
It's a perfect time, just to give our body a rest.

How good does it feel to finally have a defense to back you guys up?
It feels great just every time we would get the ball and go 3 and out it was good to see the defense getting turnovers, playing with energy and doing their job.

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