Ranking the Roster: Week 2

CanesTime's Mike Bakas will rank the roster at every position following each game this season. Below is this week's edition.

Note: These rankings are based on their ability to play and help right now.

QB: 1) Stephen Morris, 2) Ryan Williams, 3) Gray Crow, 4) Kevin Olsen, 5) Preston Dewey

Morris is the only quarterback who has seen game action so far. Williams remains his backup, while Dewey still hasn't returned to the team.

RB: 1) Duke Johnson, 2) Eduardo Clements, 3) Dallas Crawford, 4) Gus Edwards

Johnson is clearly the best of the group. Clements continues to edge out Crawford for the second spot, although it seems close. Edwards has the ability to end up the number two guy at the end of the season.

FB: 1) Maurice Hagens, 2) Walter Tucker

Hagens is the only one who's played, and he's been rock solid. Tucker is next in line.

WR: 1) Allen Hurns, 2) Phillip Dorsett, 3) Herb Waters, 4) Stacy Coley, 5) Rashawn Scott, 6) Malcolm Lewis, 7) D'Mauri Jones

Dorsett was expected to be the top guy heading into the season. However, through two weeks Hurns has nine catches on 14 targets. Dorsett has just three catches on 11 targets. Dorsett is more of a big play threat, and will likely lead the team in receiving yards and touchdowns at the end of the season but Hurns has clearly been the primary target in this offense so far. Waters is a clear number three, ahead of Coley and the others. Lewis and Scott are out recovering from injuries, while Jones hasn't seen the field yet.

TE: 1) Clive Walford, 2) Asante Cleveland, 3) Beau Sandland, 4) Jake O'Donnell, 5) Standish Dobard

Walford is having a solid season so far. He's the only tight end involved in the passing game right now. Cleveland has seen more action than Sandland as the second tight end. O'Donnell and Dobard are waiting their turns.

OL: 1) Brandon Linder, 2) Shane McDermott, 3) Ereck Flowers, 4) Seantrel Henderson, 5) Jon Feliciano, 6) Malcolm Bunche, 7) Jared Wheeler, 8) Taylor Gadbois, 9) Hunter Wells, 10) Sunny Odogwu, 11) Alex Gall, NA) Danny Isidora (INJ), NA) Hunter Knighton (INJ)

Linder went into the season as the best of the bunch and has been through two weeks. McDermott is as solid a college center than you'll find. Flowers is the only other player who has started both games at the same spot. He's been solid but can be a lot better. Henderson, Feliciano, and Bunche have gone back and forth among the 4-6 spots. Only Wheeler, Gadbois, and Wells have played after the first six.

DE: 1) Anthony Chickillo, 2) Shayon Green, 3) Tyriq McCord, 4) Quan Muhammad, 5) David Gilbert, 6) Ufomba Kamalu, 7) David Perry, 8) Dwayne Hoilett, 9) Naim Mustafaa

Chick continues getting a slight edge over Green because of being a better pass rusher. McCord has been the team's top pass rusher. Muhammad, although he hasn't made any plays yet, continues getting the reps as the team's second primary pass rusher over Gilbert. Kamalu played against FAU, but not Florida. Perry and Hoilett have not played yet, while Mustafaa is redshirting.

DT: 1) Olsen Pierre, 2) Curtis Porter, 3) Luther Robinson, 4) Justin Renfrow, 5) Jelani Hamilton, 6) Corey King, 7) Earl Moore

Pierre is quietly putting together another strong season. He's been rock solid for a long time now. Porter has been a major upgrade in the run game from the first half of last season. Robinson and Renfrow are neck and beck off the bench. The other three weren't trusted enough against Florida.

LB: 1) Denzel Perryman, 2) Jimmy Gaines, 3) Thurston Armbrister, 4) Tyrone Cornileus, 5) Alex Figueroa, 6) Raphael Kirby, 7) Kelvin Cain, 8) Jermaine Grace, 9) Jawand Blue

Perryman has been Miami's best defender through two games. Gaines has been solid. Armbrister and Cornileus have been making more plays than they have in the past, and seem much improved. Figueroa and Kirby have been decent off the bench. Grace is already ahead of Blue.

CB: 1) Tracy Howard, 2) Ladarius Gunter, 3) Antonio Crawford, 4) Nate Dortch, 5) Artie Burns, 6) Corn Elder, 7) Larry Hope, 8) Ray Lewis

The starters have been neck and neck. Crawford continues to edge out Dortch as the nickel back. Burns has been the best of the three freshmen. Hope seems buried.

S: 1) Rayshawn Jenkins, 2) Kacy Rodgers, 3) A.J. Highsmith, 4) Jamal Carter, NA) Deon Bush (INJ)

Jenkins has edged out the two seniors, as expected. Bush is expected to be a better player than Jenkins but he hasn't been able to see the field yet. His return will upgrade this unit tremendously.

ST: 1) Johnson, 2) Pat O'Donnell, 3) Matt Goudis, 4) Dorsett

After not seeing action in the return game against FAU, Johnson returned kicks against Florida. It remains to be seen if that will continue. If he does, he's the best player on this unit. O'Donnell has been very solid, while Goudis has hit on both field goal attempts. Dorsett is a distant number two guy in the return game.

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