Q&A with Pat O'Donnell

Pat O'Donnell is off to a strong start this season. Read on to see what he's saying about his performance in Miami's win over Florida this past weekend.

Talk to us about the opportunity you had to attack the game?
As a punter that's your job to try and flip the field when you can, unfortunately I had a couple events in the game that didn't go our way. We tip our hats to the Florida Gators for rushing the punt; there were a couple events in the game that didn't go our way. We tip our hats to the Florida Gators they did a good job rushing the punt.

How did it feel to get those two good punts in?
You know it always feels good as a punter to help your team and flip the field like that. I think its my job just have to try and execute every time I get on the field.

Usually it's the opposing team who is getting all riled u, how does it feel when you see your head coach fired up on the sideline? How does that make you players feel?
It's always a great feeling having the head coach on the sidelines running the special teams. He takes a lot of pride in it and you always want to do your best for your coach especially when he's that passionate about it.

Did you feel any different against Florida?
I felt good like I always do. Florida brought a lot of pressure on some of those kicks so I definitely need to make some tweaks and get it corrected in practice.

For two weeks now you've been inches away from getting it down within the one, does that frustrate you when you get that close?
It's always unfortunate trying to pin them within the five-yard line. It's just another one of things that we have to keep practicing and execute the next game.

After that block you responded with two really good punts, did you feel you had to make up for that one that was blocked?
Always when you get a block like that, it's always up to me to get the ball out without getting blocked. We were very fortunate to have a couple balls bounce our way.

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