Morris: Offense will only get better

Read on to see what senior quarterback Stephen Morris is saying about why he believes the offense will only keep getting better.

On what he likes so far:
Definitely the effort we have been giving. All the skill position guys are going 100 percent. We aren't doing the wrong techniques. We have to get the timing down. The offensive line has done a great job communicating. Now that we're doing everything right, we just have to keep getting better.

On learning the new system:
It's not really new plays but it's new ways to do certain things. It's not a new system per se. A lot of things may not come to us two games in. The offense will take a awhile to develop that chemistry. It's a long season. I am excited to see how we will grow and develop.

On the timing with Phillip Dorsett:
We knew exactly what they were going to do. We had a miscommunication when I threw it quick and he kept running. Other than that, everything else was fine.

On communication with receivers:
When you talk about a season long process, look at Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees and how they communicate with their receivers and how they get better. It's a lot different than being on the practice field. Just going along with the season will help a lot.

On showing body language:
The Thursday night game, Tom Brady, he was very frustrated. The next day I read an article about how he needs to control his body language. Me and Coach Golden talked about that. You really have to control your emotions. You can't get down on yourself. You have to get ready for the next play, the next opportunity.

On the bye week:
I think we needed it a lot. It helped us emotionally, physically, and especially mentally. You're not trying to get techniques down, just the reps. The bye week was all about us. We were able to focus on certain routes and techniques. It helped us tremendously as an offense. We had an opportunity to relax, focus on ourselves.

On what he learned from the Florida film:
From myself personally, be more calm in the pocket, trust the protection. I saw that, receiver wise, we have to correct little things. We were one or two steps off. We worked on a lot of little things that can become a big deal during game situations.

On getting better chemistry:
It's not much of a timing different. It's about scheme and concepts that we have to get better. We had a great spring, a great summer, and came in and worked at it. During the game situation, we just have to do what we've been taught and everything will be fine.

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