Q&A with Tracy Howard

Read on to see what sophomore cornerback Tracy Howard is saying a few days before Miami's third game of the season.

On gaining more confidence:
I don't really get any more confidence. I know what I can do. It's in the past. I know I can do things like that. It's a pride thing, but it doesn't give me any more confidence.

On his interception against UF:
I am glad I got it. I was waiting on that one. As you get comfortable, I'm glad I got it over with. I'm ready to roll now.

On knowing SSU players:
I don't know anyone on their roster. Florida, I knew a lot of guys through recruiting and guys from Miami. But I will approach the game like any other game. We wanna go in there, play hard, and finish.

On the caliber of opponent compared to last time:
We set out goals, regardless of opponent. We will play Miami football no matter who our opponent is. We just have to reach our goals no matter what.

On SSU having guys they don't know of:
They won't have a guy we never heard of. The film doesn't lie. They have a good receiver. He runs good routes. We will play good guys the whole year. Even with FAU, they had a good receiver. Quinton Dunbar has been contributing at Florida for four years.

On SSU receivers:
Every game we'll face a top receiver. Even though he's at Savannah State, they'll have good receivers. They also have a transfer from Georgia Tech. We are not taking those guys lightly.

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