Q&A with Maurice Hagens

Read on to see what senior fullback Maurice Hagens is saying a few days before the team's game against Savannah State.

On this week:
There is no relaxing from this point. We have Savannah State this week, and we know what our next task is.

They're good. We watched film. We are not going to take them lightly. We are going to play Miami football either way.

On how they can improve on offense:
Just executing and communication. There are still things we can work on. We worked this week making sure everyone is getting the calls.

On the timing of the bye week:
It doesn't really matter when it comes. It just gives us another week to prepare for our upcoming opponent.

On the young players at practice last week:
All of them did really good. Coach talked about how they're all doing a great job with the opportunity.

On taking young guys under his wing:
I always try taking the younger guys under my wing. It's our job as upperclassmen to help them out.

On Gus Edwards:
I would just tell him to keep working hard. When you're working hard, that's what everyone sees. He will get an opportunity to showcase his talent.

On his role in this offense:
I know my part plays a big part for everyone else's.

On getting carries:
It's great when I get a carry. It says the coaches trust me and I feel like I have to execute then.

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